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Come to this class to learn how to move your body in a gracious manner! Although ballet dancing is considered to be elegant and upright, it also serves as a great workout involving cardio, strengthening, and flexibility! No previous dance experience is necessary. Class will include performing exercises at the ballet barre, in the center of the studio, and across the floor! You will learn individual ballet steps (that are stated in French!) and their meanings. You will also learn short combinations that will combine these ballet steps. Both men and women are welcome!


This class is a great way to work on your technique in jazz dance. We will work on flexibility, turns, leaps, kicks and much more while dancing with a fun and energetic style. Join this class and get a whole body work out while also learning new moves and having fun in the process. Intermediate class focuses on more advanced turns and leaps, prior experience is recommended.


This style of dance offers more freedom in movement than ballet and helps each dancer find their own individual movement style. While improving technique and strength the class will also focus on quality and expression of movement.


Get ready to get loose and have some fun learning various styles of Hip Hop choreography while dancing to some upbeat club bumpin’ music. In this class, you will start off with the basics of choreography and gradually progress to more intricate and advanced styles of dance. This class will really get you comfortable with your body and eventually help you find your own individual swag. Let's get ready to move and have a good time! Intermediate level moves at a faster pace and may incorporate more advanced technique.


A fun and high energy class based on Hip Hop dance, where you will learn choreography and the basic elements of the style to build confidence while having a great workout!


A hip-hop dance class where students are welcome to learn and discover through dance styles originating from the streets. Students will get to see their progress by the end of the session.


Learn the basic moves and rhythms of this Middle Eastern dance style while you tone those abdominal muscles! The instructor will lead you through various dance patterns as you become more proficient in this ancient art. Get ready to shimmy, twist, and walk like an Egyptian! Please bring a belly dance skirt, veil, and finger cymbals. There will be a performance during the last class. All levels welcome!



One of the hottest Latin dances has become a great workout alternative. This class will teach the many steps of Salsa dancing and techniques while leading/following a dance partner. Dance partner not required to participate.


This class is for experienced Salsa dancers and will take your dancing to the next level! Dance partners will be assigned so that you can work with the same partner to further develop your style and skills. Approval from instructor will be needed to join this class.

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