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Statement of Purpose

The vision of the ASI LGBT/Queer (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) Resource Center is to assist all Cal State Fullerton students by connecting them to LGBTQ resources and programming that will expand their understanding of LGBTQ issues.

Staff and Liaisons (click here to view)

If you have any questions/comments, please call ASI LGBT/Queer Resource Center at (657) 278-4218.


Graduate Assistant

Anthony Ragazzo, Jr.
(657) 278-7734

Ashley Moore
Graduate Assistant
(657) 278-4218


Corporal Jose Rosales
University Police Liaison
California State University, Fullerton
Office: UPD 131

Ladan Maleki, Ph.D.
Psychologist Liaison
Counseling & Psychological Services
California State University, Fullerton
(657) 278-3040

Karyl E. Ketchum, Ph.D.
Faculty Liaison
Assistant Professor
Women & Gender Studies
California State University, Fullerton
Office: Humanities Hall 212D
(657) 278-2480

Student Assistants

Cassie Gonzalez
Student Assistant
Kelli Leckie
Student Assistant
Andrew Hernandez
Student Assistant
Janet Caracoza
Student Assistant

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LGBTQ Terminology
LGBTQ Coming Out Plan
Available Pamphlets in the ASI LGBT/Queer Resource Center
Be An LGBT Ally Being Gay/Lesbian
Transgender: Understanding Gender Differences STD & Gay Men
Oral Sex & Gay Men Safer Sex Can Be Fun!
Respecting Others: Stopping Anti-Gay Bullying and Violence Young and Gay: Protect Yourself from HIV
Respect Yourself, Protect Yourself: How to Insist on Condoms How to Deal with Stress (without using alcohol or other drugs)
Alcohol and Energy Drinks The Dangers of Prescription Drug Abuse
Suicide and Depression: What You Need to Know Hand Washing to Avoid Colds, Flu and Other Infections
What Does It Mean to be Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual or Transgender? Lesbians and HIV: Are You At Risk?
How to be an LGBT Ally Helps people to be comfortable with who they are
Focuses on being comfortable and coming to terms with being trans Raises awareness about STDs in the gay community amongst men
Talks about the risks of engaging in oral sex, especially for a gay man Promotes the use of condoms when engaging in any type of sexual activity
Encourages others to stand up for and treat others with respect Raises awareness about HIV and how to protect yourself
Encourages women to insist on using condoms Raises awareness of drug and alcohol abuse when stressed
Raises awareness of alcohol and energy drink abuse Raises awareness of prescription drug abuse
Raises awareness of suicide and depression Encourages others to perform basic sanitary functions to help
Helps others idenitify who is who in the LGBT/Queer community Raises awareness of HIV and how to protect yourself


Civil Rights/Advocacy

Developing Queer Leaders

Come and join us for an 8-session program as we focus on creating student leaders on campus! Participants will develop a strong sense of queer identity and will be able to apply it towards being a leader. Create the skills you need in order to be a leader on campus and your community!

Session 1:Friday, September 20, 20131pm-4pmTSU 250 Kyle O' Brien
Session 2:Friday, September 27, 20131pm-4pmTSU 250 Kyle O' Brien
Session 3:Friday, October 4, 20131pm-4pmTSU 250 Kyle O' Brien
Session 4:Friday, October 11, 20131pm-4pmTSU 250 Kyle O' Brien
Session 5:Friday, October 25, 20131pm-4pmTSU 250 Kyle O' Brien
Session 6:Friday, November 1, 20131pm-4pmTSU 250 Kyle O' Brien
Session 7:Friday, November 8, 20131pm-4pmTSU 250 Kyle O' Brien
Session 8:Friday, November 15, 20131pm-4pmTSU 250 Kyle O' Brien


Get Involved!

Join one of the student organizations below!

Queer Straight Alliance (QSA)
Meeting Times: 7pm-9pm
Location: TSU Gabrielino

Queer People of Color (QPOC)
Meeting Times: 12pm-1pm
Location: TSU 250 (Kyle O’Brien)


Local Resources


Other LGBT/Queer Resources

Outreach/Crisis Management

Safe Space Training Program

Become a faulty/staff ally on campus! Join us in a 2-part session and become safe space certified and help LGBTQ individuals feel welcomesd and respected on campus.

September 17, 2013LGBT 101TSU Bradford AB11am-12:30pm
September 20, 2013Ally TrainingTSU Presidents Room10am-12pm
October 9, 2013LGBT 101TSU Gilman AB10am-11:30am
October 15, 2013Ally TrainingTSU Gilman AB12pm-2pm
November 7, 2013LGBT 101TSU Tuffree AB11am-12:30pm
November 14, 2013Ally TrainingTSU Ontiveros AB11am-1pm
December 6, 2013LGBT 101TSU Gilman AB1:30pm-3pm
December 12, 2013Ally TrainingTSU Bradford AB11am-1pm



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