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The Association for InterCultural Awareness (AICA) exists to enhance the university experience of CSUF students by raising the awareness of and celebrating the multicultural student population of Cal State Fullerton. As a funding council, AICA is responsible for allocating ASI funds to member organizations to provide multicultural programming. In addition to aiding member organizations, AICA sponsors InterCultural Symposia each month and the annual AICA Week to increase recognition of cultural issues on campus. The AICA office is located in the Titan Student Union, room 261.

Apply for an AICA Coordinator Position Today!
Applications due April 22 at 5PM.

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Russell Nelson
Administrative Chair
(657) 278-2914

Jessefer Vazquez
Public Relations Coordinator
(657) 278-2914

Grace-Kali Hoang
Events Coordinator
(657) 278-2914

Lizbeth Maldonado
Advocacy Coordinator
(657) 278-2914

Nicole Virtucio Moya
AICA Advisor
(657) 278-8464

Carmen Curiel
Interim Director of Diversity Initiatives and Resource Centers
(657) 278-3211

Clubs and Organizations Information (Click Here to View)

Asociacion de Alumnos y Ex-Alumnos de Espanol
Meetings are once or twice per month
The Association de Alumnos y Ex-Alumnos de Espanol (Spanish Majors Student/Alumni Association) was founded on April 29, 2000. Students interested and majoring in Modern Language Spanish will benefit from the enriching academic and cultural activities AAEE hosts each semester. The purpose of this association is to create an entity at CSUF for all students of Spanish on campus. AAEE provides leadership skills through the involvement of club sub-committees and board, as well as academic support.

AICA Rep: Heidi Alcala
AICA Rep: Janett Merino

Association of Chinese Students
Meetings are Tuesdays, 4pm, TSU Gabrielino
ACS strives to unite Chinese students and others interested in the Chinese culture. The three main purposes of this club are to bring cultural awareness, build community, and inspire students to become proactive in the Asian Pacific Islander community.

AICA Rep: Cynthia Lam
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Alliance for the Preservation of African Consciousness
Meetings are Tuesdays, 7pm, 2nd floor TSU
APAC provides unity among black males on campus, and promotes the consciousness of African-American history. We also promote the consciousness of modern issues that concern people of African descent from all over the globe. APAC also ensures that all members are academically eligible and on track to graduate. Membership is open to all majors with a GPA of 2.0 and above.

AICA Rep: Richard Gonzales
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Ballet Folklorico Ballet Folklorico
Meetings are Tuesdays at 4:00pm in TSU Gabrielino Our mission statement is to educate others about the Mexican culture through the art of ballet folklorico and promote the Mexican heritage through performances as well.

AICA Rep: Vanessa Vasquez
AICA Rep: Daniel Arroyo Organizational Contact Info
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Chicano Chicana Studies Alliance
Meetings on Tuesdays at 2pm in UH 210B
The purpose of this organization is to bring together Chicano Studies Students with aims to mentor each other and reach out to the Academic Community.

AICA Rep: Manuel Mancera
AICA Rep: Maria Salazar

Cambodian Student Association
Meetings on Mondays at 4pm
The Cambodian Student Association of Fullerton strives to support and promote awareness and to address a variety of subjects that relate to the Cambodian American community. Our purpose is to share cultural appreciation with all interested students, alumni, faculty and staff at Fullerton and surrounding communities.

AICA Rep: Carissa Pangan
AICA Rep: Tyler Rayas
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Hermanos Unidos

Meetings are Wednesdays at 8pm in TSU Gabrielino
A non-profit organization which empowers Latina women to strive for higher education, personal growth, and community leadership. We are guided by three pillars which include academics, community service, and social events. We are the seventh chapter which allows us to provide our members with networking opportunities covering all of southern and northern California. Our motto is "Poder de la Mujer" which means "The Power of Women" and symbolizes the strength each hermana possesses.

AICA Rep: Alexis Guzman
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Hermanos Unidos
Meetings on Tuesdays from 7-8:45pm in TSU Stearns/Tentative
Our missions statement is too increase the retention rates amongst the Latino community with an emphasis on the Latino male

AICA Rep: Alexis Galarza
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Iranian Student Association
Meetings on Mondays in Kinesiology Building or Pollock Library
The purpose of Iranian Student Association is to raise awareness about issues pertaining to Iran and Iranians by holding cultural, social, and political events. We facilitate interaction between the Iranian-American community at CSU Fullerton and the rest of the campus.

AICA Rep: Nazanin Asadibagheri
AICA Rep: Shirin Haririnia
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Indian Student Association
Meetings are Monday's, every week, 7-9 or 8-10
ISA gives a platform for helping students understand the cultures and the heritage of India, while branching out and networking with the Indian community of Southern California.

AICA Rep: Atik Bhakta
AICA Rep: Jason Patel
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CSUF Japanese Culture Club
Meetings on Wednesdays at 5pm
This group exists to further expand the knowledge of the Japanese culture by providing fun activities and events for CSUF students and members of the community. Some of these activities include bi-monthly movie nights, Language Exchange Parties, field-trips and other fun events!

AICA Rep: Justin Nguyen
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Korean American Student Association
Meetings Thursdays at 7pm in Bradford AB, Legislative Chambers, or Garden Café
The Korean American Student Association at CSUF is dedicated to providing a fun environment for students who are interested in learning about Korean and Korean American culture. We help spread the awareness of our community through language, food, and history. We provide social, cultural, and community events so our members can network and build lasting friendships. We connect students with other KASA's through the Southern California Korean College Students Association (scKcSA)- Chongdae system. We also provide different cultural events such as a culture night, where our members showcase their talents and appreciation for the constantly evolving Korean and Korean American culture.

AICA Rep: Jung Bahk
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Latin American Studies Student Association
Meetings are Tuesday, 1pm, TBA
The purpose of this organization is to inform and provide students with programs and activities on Latin America. Such events will help achieve a better academic balance as well as, a more enhanced cultural knowledge in this area of study.

AICA Rep: Alicia Martinez

Movimiento Estudantil Chicana y Chicano de Aztlan
Meetings on Tuesdays at 7pm in MH 104B
MEChA is not a Mexican organization. The term Chicano is a term based on cultural, social, and political consciousness. Therefore, it is grounded in a philosophy and NOT a nationality. MEChA is inclusive of all RAZA (irrespective of nationality, sexual orientation, and gender) that strives for empowerment and liberation of our "gente" (people) through higher education.

AICA Rep: Karla Guiterrez
AICA Rep: Rubi Medina
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Nikkei Student Union
Meetings on Tuesdays at 7pm in LH 401

AICA Rep: Sayaka Sugeta
AICA Rep: Denise Murata
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Pilipino American Student Association
Meetings on Wednesdays at 4pm behind the bookstore
Our mission is to teach and spread our cultural knowledge to our members and the Fullerton community in hopes of creating a better awareness of the Filipino American experience. We would like to create a comfortable environment for newly introduced members, and hope to create future leaders in our society through involvement in our club and the community.

AICA Rep: Reinard Tesoro
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Queer Straight Alliance
Meetings are Thursdays, 6:30pm-8:30pm, Gabrielino

AICA Rep: Maddy Dean
AICA Rep: Mercedes Zazueta
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Queer People of Color
Meetings are Fridays

AICA Rep: Janet Caracoza
AICA Rep: Christina Prado
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Salsa Club
Meetings are Wednesday, 7:15-8:15, Friday, 7:15-9:30

AICA Rep: Gilda Giron Ortega
AICA Rep: Oscar Trinh
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Weekly Wednesday evening meetings from 6 to 8 Sistertalk is dedicated to exploring the changing roles and concerns of the African American women on campus through meaningful dialogue and special events focusing on relationships, community concerns, leadership, and friendships. This group provides opportunities for discussion, learning, and promotion of issues that pertain to African American women. Sistertalk provides a dynamic forum for African American female students seeking to create unity among women.

AICA Rep: Candie Battle
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Southern Pacific Islander Cultural Association
Meetings on Thursday at 4-5pm in KNES 221
SPICA promotes and encourages awareness of cultures and traditions of the South Pacific Islands such as Samoa, Tonga, Hawaii, and Guam.

AICA Rep: Jonathan Paet
AICA Rep: Tyler Cruz

Vietnamese Student Association
Meetings on Wednesdays from 5-7pm
The Vietnamese Student Association at California State University, Fullerton is committed to cultural awareness, community service, and providing our members with a safe and inviting environment to learn about Vietnamese culture, become involved in our local community, and form long-lasting friendships. We welcome all CSUF students interested in learning about Vietnamese culture, and encourage all of our members to participate in our cultural and social events.

AICA Rep: Vinhton Vu
AICA Rep: Vivian Wu
AICA Rep: Jimmy Nguyen
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