Lobby Corps
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  • Associated Students, CSUF, Inc.


Statement of Purpose

Associated Student, CSUF, Inc. Lobby Corps is a student-driven organization that seeks to empower the California State University, Fullerton community. ASI Lobby Corps is devoted to educating students on a wide array of issues at federal, state, local and campus level by providing the resources and information to foster meaningful and action-oriented engagement. We also seek to educate students on topics from social justice to civic responsibility. ASI Lobby Corps aspires to achieve these goals by organizing events to raise awareness on these issues, build relationships with our local legislators, as well as by maintaining relationships with our campus community. ASI Lobby Corps helps students become advocates on behalf of their own interests.

What You Can Do - Take Action

  • Attend Lobby Corps meetings!
  • Write your elected officials
  • Call the governor: (916) 445-2841
  • Research Legislation
  • Read the news and form different view points
  • Talk to your friends, family
  • Grassroots organization
  • Make your voice heard - public comments
    1. CSU BOT
    2. City Councils
    3. Community Organizations

Elected Officials

  • President: Barack Obama
  • Congressional Senate/House Reps
    1. Sen. Barbara Boxer
    2. Sen. Diane Feinstein
    3. Rep. Edward "Ed" Royce
  • Governor: Jerry Brown
  • State Senate: Bob Huff (29th District)
  • State Assembly: Sharon Quirk-Silva (65th District)
  • City
    1. Mayor: Bruce Whitaker
    2. Mayor Pro Tem: Doug Chaffee
    3. Council Members: Jennifer Fitzgerald, Jan Flory, and Greg Sebourn

California State Student Association

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Weekly Meetings

Lobby Corps

Thursdays, 1:15 - 4 pm, TSU 233

Agendas & Minutes

View Lobby Corps agendas and minutes.